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Fully customisable

When a user signs in, you can show them notifications, enforce mask wearing, or start a wireless body temperature scan. You can even then refuse entry or notify staff in the event of a user’s raised body temperature.

Works for You & Your Users

Streamlines processes. Facial recognition is quick and secure, reducing wait time and queues.

Easy to Use and Set Up

VIEU is plug-in-and-play, making it incredibly easy to integrate into your current security processes.

Infallible Technology

Our device uses state of the art facial recognition technology to ensure the highest levels of security.

Update Your Business

Using our devices removes the need for laborious timesheet keeping or manual attendance recording.


How it works

The mathematical algorithms of biometric facial recognition follow several stages of image processing

  • Capture Step - 01

    The first step is for the system to collect physical or behavioural samples in predetermined conditions and during a stated period of time.

  • Extraction Step - 02

    Then, all this gathered data should be extracted from the samples to create templates based on them.

  • Comparison Step - 03

    After the extraction, collected data is compared with the existing templates.

  • Matching Step - 04

    The final stage of face detection technology is to make a decision whether the face’s features of a new sample are matching with the one from a facial database or not. It usually takes just seconds.

Our Packages

VIEU is a straightforward facial-recognition app that allows you to track attendance and monitor sign-ins with a new level of ease. It’s customisable based on your workspace or event and can be integrated into more than 3000 applications. Why bother with traditional sign-in methods when you can have VIEU?


£150 / Month

  • Plug & Play Facial Recignition Device
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Facial Scans
  • Single Device License
  • Unilimted Support Service


£300 / Month

  • Plug & Play Facial Recignition Device
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Facial Scans
  • 2 -5 Device License
  • Multi Site Support


£500 / Month

  • Plug & Play Facial Recignition Device
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Facial Scans
  • 5+ Device License
  • Multi Site Support

Use Cases



The 2019 Brit Awards used facial recognition technology to enhance its event security, deploying it to screen guests at multiple entrances to the O2 in London. The system linked to mobile apps, which enabled trained staff members to make secondary face-to-face identity verification checks.


Hotel check-in

Face Recognition is to play a significant role in the hospitality industry, enabling guests to skip front desk lines and cutting the check-in process, hotel chains are prepared to jump in, just like Marriott, which recently started testing face recognition.


Face Recognition Can Benefit School

Victoria’s Department of Education is using facial recognition to monitor the whereabouts of students. Teachers and staff can access the information on a web dashboard or mobile app to save them time.

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